• 7
  • 2 - TREO SS 10
  • Hifonics Europa
  • Custom enclosure

Additional Information
Dude is that Spider Man. Nope sorry thats only PACMAN as we call him. This new breed of a car deserved a stereo that would only keep Spider Man from swinging from the roof tops. Starting with the double sided enclosure, this ground pounder uses 2 - TREO SS 10" woofers being driven by a Hifonics Europa. Looking straight through the enclosure allows you to see the inside of the amplifier. All the neon is custom built for this car, none of that flashlight stuff here. Now lets go up front. Its pretty obvious what is now molded into the dash. A 7" monitor was molded, then painted to match the outside of the car, then Carbon fiber was re-applied to match its Carbon Fiber hood. That was a lot of stuff in there...Now you ask, what about the radio? Well, it goes something like this. The head unit was placed in the front of the console, but you can't see it. Only a CD sized hole is visible for this task. The console was altered in a way that the unit could accept CD's and yet be invisible. As for the face plate, it now resides in the rear view mirror. Yes this eye popping, graphic filled faceplate was molded to the old mirror housing. No longer will PACMAN be considered to be an old game. He's back, and everyone wants his game