• 3 rockford 10's
  • Xtant 5 channel

Additional Information
Don't ask why, but yes, Mr Clean owned a Trooper for 1 day. This is a nightmare story. This was one of those "buddy" deals turns ugly. Gary, aka Mr Clean, purchases this Isuzu after stipping his stereo out of his previous car. He races to us that evening and we bigin to install. Many beers and hours later, 4 a.m. to be exact, he leaves a happy camper. Thats the good news. The very next morning, tragedy strikes Mr Cleans lemon fresh ride. Yes, it was a lemon. Short lived stereo. Just when you think its going to get all better with a new scenty fresh ride, the new so called 4x4 breaks down in the woods. I'll be damned if those beavers and ducks did'nt steal his stereo out of this truck. This was not happening. But unfortunatly it did. Two SUV's, one stereo, no luck. Sorry MR CLEAN!!!